Intermobile Container, LLC is pleased to present the premier mine (filling site) to blender delivery system available in today’s market.  Our patented system is easy to setup, operate and delivers to two blenders per system.

Container based delivery systems has been a topic of discussion and debate throughout the industry for years.  Containers have a definitive place in the delivery process and the debate as to where and when has been ongoing.  Based on several considerations, EPA regulations, decisions to place the sand and/or mine closer to the drilling sites and the need to make drilling sites more efficient, containerized delivery has become reality.

We have gone beyond the need to try containers, the fact is, that we are required to make the necessary changes and move forward with a system that:

  • Complies with new EPA regulations
  • Eliminates needless product handling
  • Reduce expensive labor by eliminating needless multiple onsite silica sand handling
  • Reduces demurrage costs associated with the current processes
  • Implement a system that is both financially sound and meets EPA safety standards

Intermobile Dry Bulk Shipping & StoragE

Intermobile Blender delivery system


Intermobile Containers can replace the need for costly truck hoppers, rail hoppers, silos and trans-load facilities.

AAR Approval

CSC/ABS & ISO Certified

Eliminates Moisture Contamination

Reduces Material Degradation

Decreases Freight Cost

Elimination of Demurrage

Minimize Material Handling

Is This How You Product is Currently Handled?