The Intermobile system provides 4 containers with 47,000 lbs. silica sand each (47,000 X 4 = 188,000 lbs.) available to the conveyor at all times.  The covered conveyor can move up to 12,500 lbs. per minute to the blender. 

  • Containers are filled and sealed at the filling site
  • Full containers are delivered to the wellhead
  • Demurrage is mitigated as the containers are stackable on site
  • 24/7 requirement of sand onsite
  • No multiple handling of sand, containerized from filling site to blender.
  • Stands have scales to monitor weight to alert the operator of flow and removal and replacement
  • Container distribution port is coupled into a sealed opening on the conveyor distribution hopper
  • Conveyor and hoppers are covered to mitigate/eliminate silica dust
  • Container removal and replacement during fracking operation is +/- 4 minutes
  • Stands have positioning pins to precisely place the containers in position and secure the containers in place
  • The Intermobile Blender Delivery System boast the unique & patented dual blender delivery system.  The only system on the market that takes the last mile delivery container from the filling site to two blenders without moving massive amounts of onsite equipment or investing in duplicate equipment. If a blender is down for repair or maintenance, the operation can continue without interruption.
  • Safe, dust free, easy to operate and administer.  Provide your E&P operators with the very best last mile sand delivery services. Capture your customers to insure the silica sand they're buying is coming from your sand mines.

Time is saved, labor dollars are reduced, demurrage is mitigated 

This all adds up to savings for the silica sand provider, logistics company and onsite E&P operator.  The daily required amount of sand is onsite ready to be used as the operation requires.  No more sand trucks lined up for hours waiting to unload to a silo and/or other storage facilities only to be move yet again to additional equipment in front of the blender.

  • Wellhead blender delivery, four 550SG containers (two on each side) delivering nonstop silica sand to the blenders

  • Overhead look at the container placement and walkway

  • Stand, stabilizing connector, scale with positioning pins, container and walkway section